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AERO Detail Products

AERO PREMIUM DETAIL PRODUCTS for Boats, Bikes, Planes & Auto's

Who we are

International AERO


AERO began in Long Beach, California over 30 years ago as a local car wash and detailer by our founder and CEO, Jonathan Saltman.  With his passion for airplanes and cars, he earned his pilots license at the age of thirteen. Thus, expanding his business of auto detailing into aircraft as well. 

International AERO built it's reputation as one of the largest private airplane detailers globally winning the prestigious "Vendor of the Year" award from Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation for it's dedication to excellence.

AERO Products Division


With the growing needs of OEM, Corporate, VIP, and Heads-of-State flight departments with quality service, high performance and guaranteed satisfaction AERO Detailing Products 

were developed.  Setting the standards others follow in the aerospace industry these products were made available for automotive and now marine use globally.   

AERO Detail Products by

International AERO Products, LLC

Clean Correct Protect


AERO Products withstand the most 

extreme environments, from 

 temperatures of -60° to 150° at 

over 500 mph these products are 

designed to work together and out 

perform all others. We offer a wide 

selection of quality approved 

cleaning, polishing, protective 

coatings and detailing products 

for every lifestyle.

Formulated for Aircraft ♦ 

Perfect for your Car, Truck, Bike, RV or Boat.